Specialty Products

Balchem Specialty Products is a leader in packaging and distributing hazardous chemicals.

We are the leading supplier of packaged 100 % Ethylene Oxide to the healthcare industry, where it is used as a sterilant for medical items. ARC Specialty Products also supplies Ethylene Oxide Blends, and Propylene Oxide into a variety of other applications.

We ship material in returnable, environmentally safe containers. Many of our containers are custom-built, unique packages that comply with stringent regulatory requirements and meet our customers' needs.

We operate repackaging facilities in South Carolina and Missouri, and utilize distribution points in New York, California, and Puerto Rico. We operate our own truck fleet, and utilize state-of-the-art production and laboratory equipment to ensure unparalleled quality control.

We have the resources and capabilities to repackage numerous hazardous chemicals safely and responsibly. Our experience in handling Ethylene Oxide, and Propylene Oxide gives us a sound knowledge in complex regulatory and safety environments. We can repackage certain chemicals in containers ranging from bulk tanks to aerosol cans. If you have an application that requires a specialty repackaging operation, please contact us.