Industrial Products

Balchem Corporation manufactures and sells choline and certain derivatives  into various industrial applications, predominately as a component for hydraulic fracturing of shale natural gas wells.

Choline Chloride in Clay Stabilization for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Drilling and stimulation in shale and other clay containing formations pose challenges due to clay swelling. This swelling causes a number of issues including:

  • Wellbore instability
  • Cuttings disintegration
  • Bit balling
  • Fines migration
  • Reductions in permeability of the formation to hydrocarbons

These issues can result in higher drilling costs and slower production rates.  Clay stabilizers reduce clay swelling and its associated risks leading to lower drilling costs and improved production rates.

Potassium chloride (KCL) is commonly used in preventing the swelling of clay as a temporary clay stabilizer.   However, the use of KCL in drilling carries environmental concerns as clorides do not degrade and can enter surface water carrying heavy metal including cadmium and mercury.

Choline chloride and choline bicarbonate offer an attractive, effective and more environmentally responsible alternative than other clay stabilizers. Balchem's industrial grade Choline Bicarbonate is completely chloride free while our Choline chloride reduces the amount of chlorides released into the environment up to 75% when compared to KCL.  The key features offered by Choline salts as an alternative to traditional clay stabilizers include:

  • Biodegradability and reduction in the amount of chlorides
  • Superior performance and use at much lower levels
  • Compatibility with brine, calcium chloride and KCL solutions
  • Ability to work well with known fracturing fluids, cross-linkers and breakers
  • Minimization in chemical handling including pre-mixing and saltwater disposal
  • Flexibility for use in all environments

To learn more about our industial grade Choline salts and their effectiveness as a clay stabilizer, please download our brochures or contact:

Balchem Industrial Products -- Customer Service

Phone: (845) 326-5672

Choline Hydroxide for the Printed Circuit Board Industry

Printed circuit boards used to electrically connect and mechanically support electronic components using conductive pathways are present in virtually all but the simplest commercially produced electronic devices. With the increasing demand for advanced printed circuit boards with smaller and smaller dimensions, chemical strippers and etchants must meet the demanding challenges of manufacturing these smaller and more complex printed circuit boards.  Balchem's choline hydroxide is a cost effective, highly reliable stripping solvent used to strip unwanted photoresists from copper clad printed circuit boards after their initial processing.


Through its European operations, Balchem is a leading producer of Methylamines.  These products, Monomethylamine (MMA), Dimethylamine (DMA), and Trimethyamine (TMA) are important chemical building blocks that are used in a diverse variety of applications.  Among the varied uses, methylamines are critical ingredients in the production of agricultural herbicides, water treatment chemicals, oil and gas treatment, and rubber production.  Balchem produces methylamines in both anhydrous and aqueous solutions.  Please contact Balchem Italia for additional information.